IPad Pro 2018 & USB-C adapters

Hi all,

I’m currently looking for a new USB-C to HDMI adapter for my 2018 iPad Pro. Can you please tell me if that type of adapters exists with 4K 60hz support? I checked a few models from Anker or Baseus and in general it’s specified in the description that on the iPad Pro, maximum supported resolution is 2K 60hz (maybe it’s only mirroring mode).

Thank you for your help.

This Belkin model is the one you want.

Hi James,

Thanks for your reply. The Belkin adapter is the only one compatible for 4K 60hz with HDR or this new one from Anker could also be compatible?

Thank you again.

Probably not. There’s a note about the iPad near the bottom.

This adapter supports a maximum resolution of 2K@60Hz when connected to iPad Pro.

Let’s go for the Belkin one in this case, thanks again and merry Christmas all!

Hi James,

Sorry, I have one additional question. Can you please confirm that with the Belkin adapter, Infuse is able to display 4K HDR videos to a compatible secondary screen?



Does someone have an answer to my last question?

If you go to the Apple online store which sells the adapter people have stated it does work. Additionally they say the new version of the Apple USB-C digital AV adapter also supports HDR/Dolby Vision.

Thanks for this additional info!

Hi all,

So I finally bought the new Apple Multimedia adapter (instead of the Belkin one) and I confirm that Dolby Vision and HDR are supported. About Dolby Vision, I tried to play an episode from the Apple TV+ app and indeed Dolby Vision appears in the corner of my TV screen thanks to the adapter. About HDR, I tried to do the same with Infuse but this time HDR does not appear on my TV screen even after selecting HDR in the display options of my iPad (HDR works properly when I watch the exact same video from my Apple TV 4K).

Does someone know if Infuse is supposed to recognize HDR videos from the Apple adapter or the Belkin one?


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