IPad Pro 2018 DDP5.1 sound issues

Hi folks,

I am having issues with a particular type of file. Files encoded with DDP+ 5.1, without pass through sound rather terrible. The dynamic range is heavily compressed to the point where the sound actually distorts in louder scenes.

I have tried the same files on a different device and the sound is fine. I have tried wireless as well as wired headphones through a USB-C adapter on the iPad and the issue persists which makes me suspect it’s something with the way infuse is decoding the DDP+ EAC3.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to resolve this?


I actually figured this out on my own.

It seems to a buggy implementation of the Dolby Enhancements option on DDP+ EAC3 encoded files where the dynamic range gets compressed to a point that causes distortion.

If anyone else has this problem, disabling the Dolby enhancements is the solution.

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