iPad no longer seeing SMB share

I’ve been using Infuse with my iPad(s) for years. Yesterday this stopped working. The share points to a networked NAS. I can see the files on the NAS from computers on my network. I also tried installing Infuse to my iPhone, and it can see the SMB share fine and play videos.

I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled Infuse on my iPad, and in the Add Files screen, at the bottom left where it lists available shares, my NAS SMB is not listed – but only on the iPad. I’m using the latest version (6) from the app store.

I’ve tried re-booting the NAS, the iPad, etc. but it cannot auto-detect the SMB share, nor can I add it in manually. When trying that it comes back with “An error occurred”.

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First, are you using the free version or the pro version? Can you also provide the full version number?

Second, it sounds like your iPad may have reconnected to a different network. You may want to check the network settings on the iPad.

Can you see the NAS from the Files app on the iPad?

What version of OS are you running on the iPad?


Thanks very much – that was the problem. Turned out I was on my Xfinity modem’s wifi instead of my router’s wifi. I think my son reset my router yesterday, which probably cause the iPad to fall back to the other network. Problem solved!

I am actually using the free version. I’ve been confused by this, as I do have a subscription to Infuse Pro (yearly). When I hit the App Store, it lists Infuse Pro for $26.99, but also has an Infuse Pro 6 (Upgrade). If I “buy” the Pro version, will I get charged given that I have a Pro subscription license?

Thanks again.

I’ve had the same issue with a device grabbing the wrong WiFi. Glad you’re back and running!

As to the free and pro version basically, there are two Infuse apps on the app store. The “Infuse 6 Pro” which is probably the one you’re seeing for $26.99 and the free version. The free version is the one you can upgrade to the “Pro” version by a subscription. If you have a subscription you’d DL the free version and you should see a “Restore” button in the subscription settings.

This post may shed more light on things for you.

Thanks again for the help. I clicked the Subscription button, and the Pro (Yearly) is Active. I hit the Restore button. Does this install or update to the Pro version? How can I tell? On the store, the Pro version looks to have a black icon vs. the white icon for the free version (which I still see).

If it says “Active” you running the pro version.

On setting you can scroll down to App Icon and select “Dark” if you want a dark icon. On the settings screen you should see “Infuse Pro” on the left hand side with the Infuse logo.

Got it – thank you! I’m good to go.

:+1: Feel free to ask any other questions if you hit a snag. :smile:

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