iPad Infuse on Apple Silicon - working great!

I have to say, I’ve been a paid subscriber of Infuse for quite a while, and I couldn’t wait for a Native version of Infuse to be ready for MacOS, so I successfully sideloaded the iPad version onto my M1 Macbook Air!

It struggles quite a bit with 4K HDR content and other high-bitrate files, but seems to handle most 4K SDR and 1080p content quite well! I have attached a few screenshots for reference!

Fingers crossed that the native version of Infuse comes soon!


You ain’t seen nothing yet… :wink:


Good stuff! Thanks for trying for us. Now I am jealous. Hope there is a beta of the official build soon.

You can keep up with the most current news for this here

You can even sign up to be an “Alpha” tester. :wink:

I know, I am. Doesn’t mean I cannot be anxious to get it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I sideloaded as well and it’s been working great so far - I haven’t had any stuttering but my 4K files have been transcoded to around 24Mbps so maybe they aren’t that taxing. The only issues I’ve had so far is that the mouse doesn’t autohide and the screen auto-dims.

I’m really looking forward to the official Infuse macOS Alpha.