iPad deleting entire folder when selecting file to delete

Hi there,

I have infuse set up on my iPad connected to my Plex account. If I go to one of the folders, select a TV show and then delete a particular episode, it deletes the parent folder too.

Any ideas how to resolve?


Just to add more info - this only happens if there’s one show left in a particular folder. So if I delete the last show, in theory I should just have an empty folder on my NAS. But when I go to look, i see the folder’s been deleted.

This is actually expected, as Infuse treats single video folders as playable items - so deleting the video will also cause the folder to be removed as well.

This was a change we made awhile back as a response to user requests.

Thanks James. Glad to hear it’s not a bug but can you explain the logic behind it? I have a weekly show that I download and put in the folder. Once it’s watched, I delete the show. But now I have to create the folder every time to move the new show into it. Am I missing something obvious if others have requested this as a feature?

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