Ipad can not connect to shared computer

Two days ago the infuse app (Pro 5) stopped being able to connect to a shared windows 10 computer. My Apple tv stillworks with now issues, I have tried reinstalling Infuse and re-sharing everything but still not luck.

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We’ve heard from some users that sharing can become disabled when installing some Windows updates.

I’d recommend walking through the steps to set up sharing on your PC, just to make sure everything is correct.

Also, maybe a silly question, but are you using more than one Wi-Fi network or access point? This can also cause issues when attempting to stream.

Went through those steps everything is shared, I can access all the folders from the Infuse app on the AppleTv and my laptop with no issues. But still can not connect from Ipad. I am not using more than one wifi network but the main computer I am trying to stream from is wired and everything else is on wifi, but this has never been an issue in the past.

You may find an answer in this thread Error with Windows 10 PC seems to have helped several others with win 10 problems connecting. Just a thought. :wink:

Awesome that worked, I read that thread before and I am not sure why I didn’t try it, thanks

Glad it got you back in operation! The term “easy” becomes more difficult every update in operating systems. :wink:

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