iPad app in compatibility mode on Vision Pro

I would have posted this in the existing Vision Pro thread, but I got a message that new users are only allowed 3 posts in a thread. Feel free to merge this in if possible.

One concern that I’ve come to realize, that I can’t find an answer for, is how full screen video is handled on apps in compatibility mode. I have confirmed that the apps in iPad compatibility mode always retain their window shape. So they will show black bars around full screen video.
That raised the question of, what resolution do these iPad apps represent as? If they represent as the largest iPad. The 12.9 inch. A full screen video will not be a full 4k.
I’m curious if an iPad app, with its window enlarged large enough that it could show an entire 4k video will actually show that resolution. Or will it just scale up the video resolution that whatever iPad it’s emulating would show?
There is the chance that these apps present as a new iPad size class that there is no actual physical device that corresponds to it, but I find that doubtful just for developer ease.
It will be a real shame if non native apps are not able to actually display 4k.

Just curious if any devs in here have any insight.

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How can we get on the TestFlight? :smiley:

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Good questions!

There will likely be limitations in place for apps running in compatibility mode, as Apple wants to ensure a ‘good’ experience for everyone who isn’t going to have a native app for Vision Pro right away.

Our current plan is to work towards having a build of Infuse available via TestFlight for Apple Vision Pro users shortly after launch day. This will be a native app built for visionOS, but will reuse most of the iPad UI design (at least in the initial version).

This will certainly have some UI quirks early on that would improve with time, but it should allow us to avoid any potential limitations with regard to scaling or compatibility mode when running non-native apps.

Exciting times ahead, so stay tuned for more updates in this area. :slight_smile:


That’s what I figured. Glad to see you specifically mention the TestFlight will be a rough native version. Very excited to start testing it out. Still fingers crossed they allow Atmos output to Airpods.

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The Vision Pro TestFlight signup form is now live. :slight_smile: