ipad 3 using infuse3(free) asking to upgrade instead of playing mkV files

So i have an ipad2, iphone6S, ipad mini2, Apple tv2 (jailbroken, Apple tv4 and an ipad3.
All devices are running the same ios and the same version of infuse3, the free version
My problem is that ALL the devices expect the ipad3 will play a particular tv series in mkV format.

Is this right??

All my devices play mp4 and avi content fine.

All my content is stored on a seagate nas drive and the Renamer software has been used to rename all files.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated


I suspect that the mkv’s that you are trying to play contain something which is only available in the pro version, such as an AC3 soundtrack, which is why it is prompting you to upgrade to the pro version.

But my other devices play the mkV files OK. I’m just having trouble with the ipad3?