IP Auto-block Synology NAS

With the new version 6 I have noticed that my IP constantly gets blocked by Synologys auto-block feature. (My library disappears) I have solved this issue by allowing my IP-adress to be allowed in the Synology DSM settings. But when I’m at other locations this issue again becomes an issue. Could you look into this? Version 5 of Infuse does not have this problem.

I’m using WebDAV and iCloud sync is enabled. I think it has to do with the number of requests from Infuse.

How many login attempts and what time frame are you set for in Auto Block? That may help figure out what’s going on.

10 login attempts within 10 minutes.

Are you using the default admin account? Also synology usually only blocks access attempts with the wrong username and password.

My recommendations:

  1. Create a read only account and use that to connect.
  2. Ensure you are connecting to the internal up and not an external ip or the quick connect address.
  3. In control panel → security → account tab → allow/block list → put in your internal LAN up range and subnet mask ie:

Thanks for the recommendation! I didn’t try this because I don’t want to use my internal ip, I want to use the external - to be able to access my library on the go and on other networks/LTE. I did however change the protocol and I’m now using FTP instead of WebDAV - and it seems to be working so far, no issues with error or metadata going missing. It is however slower to update/grab new metadata.

Autoblock only occurs when it receives too many failed login attempts. If you’re getting these there might be a password issue.