IOS8 Family Sharing and PRO

I have paid for Pro for Infuse 3 through an in-app purchase and I also have IOS 8 Family Sharing activated for other devices in use in our home.

It looks like I now have to pay to activate Pro on each device, whereas if I had simply purchased Pro outright (ie not via in-app), I would be able to use Pro on each of the family members’ devices for no additional charge.

THis seems to be punishing those who use IOS family sharing and does not seem right… Firecore?

This is a restriction imposed by Apple to do with In-App purchases and Family Sharing …

You did read all of the Terms and Conditions that you agreed to when you accepted access to the App Store didn’t you :wink:

Remotevisitor, this is not a fair reply. You cannot know every little trap in the Apple terms of use and the reasons why the in-app purchased version of Pro is excluded from Family Sharing are beyond me as both versions are exactly the same, in price as well as functionality.

In another post on this forum I found a similar question and here the reaction from Firecore was that they would solve it by providing a free promo code for the directly purchased version. I stumbled on the same problem, contacted Firecore today and I am confident that the issue will be positively solved by them.

Sorry if you took my posting in the wrong way … I had hoped that the smiley at the end of the sentence indicated that I was not being serious about reading the terms and conditions, because most people don’t read all the terms and conditions that they accept.

In fact I was not aware of this restriction until it had been raised on this forum, and FireCore do appear to try to help people who have a problem with the restriction … I think James posted an offer of help on another posting after I had made my posting, otherwise I would have suggested contacting FireCore Support directly.

Yep, if you open a support ticket ( and attach a screenshot of your iTunes purchase receipt, we can send over a promo code for standalone Pro version which will work with Family Sharing.

PS - I just created a sticky about this since it’s a question that comes up fairly often.