iOS watched indicators

On tvOS I get correct watched indicators, am I missing something or are they not Available on the iOS app? Seems bit strange if they aren’t?


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These are available when viewing video details, or when viewing items in the Up Next list on the home screen (this will be displayed as an orange bar below the main fanart image).

We’re planning to make them available in the main poster view for an upcoming version.

I might be being stupid but I can’t see them when looking at an episode for example either

Here’s a screenshot of what you should see.

  • Once you start watching something, you’ll get an orange bar below the fanart with the elapsed/remaining time listed
  • Once an item is fully watched, the orange bar will remain full and will say ‘Watched’
  • Unwatched items do not have a bar present

ok I see, I just tested it and I see that now.

I guess it seems a little confused to me. on tvOS on the poster view, there IS a orange corner if the item is unwatched, whereas on the episode view there ISN’T any indicator if it’s unwatched, so I was confused as it’s a little contradictory


The orange corner (or something similar) will be added in an upcoming version for iOS.


I still don’t see this feature on the roadmap.
Would be a real benefit in iOS to have those indicators on the poster view, like the tvOS Version.

The overlay icons are currently in progress for an upcoming version.

This has been added for 6.3.1 which should be out next week.

great news. thanks for the update.

6.3.1 is now available! :smiley:


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When i open a movie folder on the AppleTV, it shows and yellow triangle badge in the upper left corner for all unseen movies. On the iPad and iPhone i don’t have that? Could this be activated somewhere?


This is on our radar to add for an upcoming version…probably after the 5.6 redesign rolls out this fall. :wink:

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I might add that it would be cool to have the same option for the tv shows. Neither the aTV or iPhone/iPad allow us to simply mark a tv show read. We have to select every single season to do so, which is, quite frankly, time consuming and a bit a pain in…

Another issue regarding the view of folders:
For example, in spite that I have only one folder for each show on my nas, TVos shows a folder for each season - which is definitely great, iOS doesn’t.
Could you add an option to give the choice to see seasons folders on iOS? It might not be necessary for tv shows that only have a couple seasons, but quite useful for shows that have aired a long time.

I would support this request as well. The badges would be very helpful on iOS too.
By the way, 5.6 was already release quite a while ago :slight_smile: