iOS version and xbmc performance

I painstaking jailbreaked my original iOS version of my atv2.

I purposely haven’t upgraded my iOS version because I had heard that that version works best with xbmc. Now this is the first iteration of iOS available for the atv2.

If I were to upgrade the ate to the newest version of the so. I would gain a lot of features like Hulu plus and Netflix subs.

However, I would like to know if there would be any performance hits to xbmc at all if I were to upgrade to the latest version?


Well, the question you should be asking yourself is if you’re okay with a tethered jailbreak… because if you choose to update your ATV2 now, version 5.2.1 will likely be your only choice as all other versions are no longer being signed by Apple.

Anyone have anything else to contribute?