IOS Updates and Jailbreaking

From a newb who's never jailbroken before...


I'm thinking about jailbreaking with the new Green Poison, but i have a few questions:

1) How do I unjailbreak if I ever wanted to do so?  Do I have to do something specific before the jailbreak to make unjailbreaking possible?

2) What happens when Apple releases new IOS updates (like the rumored 4.3)?  Do I avoid doing these updates?  Or am I supposed to install them in a special way?

3) What about aTV Flash and IOS updates?


Thanks for any and all help answering these questions!


1)  its called RESTORE and you do that with Itunes, or on the Aplle TV itself.

2)  Avoid them.  then wait for the new jailbreak to be released that can jailbreak the new IOS

3)  Install aTVFlash updates upon need.  You can also do an IOS update internally with the software via TELNET into the IOS, but only if you understand that.


Use TINYUMBRELLA to back up your SHSH files.  Thee are the key serialized files that tell your IOS it is valid on your hardware, and can be saved forever on CYDIA (hopefully).




Thanks, ktjensen!


Can I get a little more infor on the SHSH files?

1) What exactly are they?

2) At what point in the process do I back them up?

3) What will I eventually need them for?

Thank you so much for all your help!

SHSH files are kind of unique serial codes, and IOS files together, that match your apple tv chip identification numbers ECID.  And match the version of IOS that is running on your machine.   Without the proper one (as verified on the web server) you can never do a RESTORE to your device, with an older version of the IOS ( will block you with their servers). 

You can only RESTORE to the latest version of software as supplied by  But the latest version might not be JAILBROKEN so its a deadend.  You need the older generic version of IOS, that gets unique code from what you saved earlier with TINYUMBRELLA. 

There are generic IOS files being archived right now (to numerous locations), that are labeled APPLETV4.3.2.shsh  as example.  Not that exact name, but similar out there.

When you want to restore version 4.2.1 of the IOS you find the generic *.shsh file, and you set up a local server application (built into TINYUMBRELLA) to reference your saved file.  Then the RESTORE will work. 

Hope this makes sense, and that someone can add to the explanation.

Okay, tell me if I'm getting this right...

When 4.3 comes out, there will not yet be a jailbreak for it.  So I should save my SHSH files for 4.2 so I will always have the option of going back to that version and using the jailbreak available for it?

As far as RESTOREs go, it seems like you're telling me that I will always have the option to RESTOR to the current version of IOS even without saving my old SHSHs, but if I want to restore to a past version of IOS, I need to have my SHSHs saved.

Am I right about all this?

Am I right about all this?

Sorry to bug you again, ktjensen, but I just wanted to make sure I understood this before I do it.  Is what I wrote in my last post right?

Tsac - you are correct