iOS/TvOS/etc update warning

Just a reminder that if you update your devices to the latest os17 betas there is no guarantee that infuse will work or be updated to fix bugs in a reasonable time. Based on history, infuse may provide occasional updates for complete crashes, but don’t expect full compatibility until final sdk is released this fall.


Just finally got home. I saw users online saying they got a beta update choice of the latest 16 beta or to install the 17 beta. For me 17 wasn’t offered so I’m safe but also slightly disappointed :laughing:

Unless you are a developer you won’t see 17 betas until July, I believe.

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Ah right I saw a few comments on Reddit saying they were offered the option so they were perhaps developers.
I just probably assumed it was simply a geolocation thing.

Thanks for the heads up.

I guess anyone can get the dev betas now