iOS play back issue

I’m having an issue with the iOS app. Let’s say the remaining time of my video file is less than 2 minutes if I switch the app and switch back to your app it’s starting from the beginning which is kinda annoying.

This seems to be an intermittent issue but happened twice now.

That’s actually part of the design in Infuse, when around 90% to 95% of a video has been watched (may actually be higher) and that video is stopped Infuse will mark that video as watched since that usually only includes credits and many users quit videos when the credits roll and they want to go to the next video, not return back to the credits or end up with numerous videos lin the watching list that are only credits remaining.

Thanks for the confirmation but it’s not working as it should… I’m watching some TV series and it’s going to the next episode when i pause in between… do you think the dev team will make this feature optional with a toggle switch or something like that?

Sounds like maybe infuse gets kicked out of memory while you had it paused so it has to restart and depending on the position it will have marked it as watched? And it’s not just showing the app in the exact same state as when you left it?

nah thats not a memory related issue. if the video is within 0%-90% i can switch back to that exact position. This is a feature i guess but it won’t suit everyone. I dont continuously play my videos so if i decided to stop at 90-95% ill have to go back and reselect the previous episode, fast forward manually etc - it’s not a good user experience (at least for me)

OK you had said pause, that’s why I thought maybe you were switching apps or some thing. But yes, if you stop that is the expected behavior. For most items and most people it works. We also have the opposite behavior were things aren’t getting marked as watched even though you might get to the end, there are just a lot of credits.

For the videos you say it isn’t working as it’s supposed to could you provide some specifics like time duration of the video and at what point in the time line you can’t get back to the video and it’s marked as watched (time remaining)?

Are you videos without credits at the end? Just trying to understand. :wink:

yes let me be precise :slight_smile:

Total video length : 56min and 43 sec

Credit starts at : 55min and 43 sec

so credit duration exactly 1 min.

Noe lets say my current timeline is 54min. Now i switch the video app and open my mail app (for example). After that when i switch back to this app, it shows me the main page where i can select the episode etc. If i click the play button without selecting anything, it just starts the next episode but i’d expect that to resume from the 54th min. I’ve used several other players and thats how it worked for me.