iOS & MacOS Licensing

Hi There!

I purchased an Infuse Pro - Lifetime Membership back in January 2022 and have been using it on my AppleTV & iOS devices (Purchased Through The Infuse App - Not Sure If That Makes A Difference). Been working great! Just wondering if that License also works for the MacOS version of Infuse or if that requires a different License. Looking to add a Mac Mini to my Home Theatre Setup.

Also are there any Video or Audio Drawbacks to using a Mac Mini vs a AppleTV? At one point I thought I read that a Mac Mini wouldn’t output Dolby Atmos…. But that could have been a problem with the software that was been used (I Believe VLC Player). However there may also be a hardware limitation with that Mac Mini that prevents it as well.

Thanks In Advance!!

You’re good to go with the one purchase. You can use Infuse on all devices as long as each is signed into the same Apple ID and are using the same country App store.

I haven’t used a Mac Mini but I do use the Apple TVs and they are simple to set up, maintain, and they just work well with the TV.

The biggest benefit I can see is the processor and OS are geared to a primary task of media streaming and playing so you get more fine tuning control and easier task management.

Then you can talk price. If you are thinking of using an older Mac mini the older processor may not be able to provide an acceptable level of performance and a new one is quite a bit more than the top of the line ATV4K.