iOS Library (Plex) downloaded files not showing in Synced

I am using v6.04 Pro.
I download episodes (season 4 of a series) from my Plex server onto my iPad, and I was expecting those episodes to then show up under “synced”. Under the “all” banner, I can see seasons 1-4, but under “synced” I just see “empty folder, move along, nothing to see here”.
I can see the downloaded folders if I go into the “Files” section along the bottom of the iPad, but not under the “Library” tab.

Is “synced” not what I am thinking it is? If so, what is it?


Hmm, these should be appearing in the Synced tab.

Can you try navigating to Settings > Library and tapping the ‘Scan for Changes’ button, just to make sure Infuse’s library is fully up-to-date?

I am having this problem too - downloaded files show as other not in tv shows, the sync tab is empty.

I too have Plex as my backend and scanning for changes does not change the on iPad data…


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