[iOS] Keep indexing in background of during playback

I have a relatively large library accessed over WebDAV. Refreshing/updating the index takes 10+ mins on my phone, and because indexing doesn’t continue in the background (app closed) or during playback, I basically never get a chance to actually update my library. I can’t keep the Infuse app open on my phone doing nothing for 10 minutes every time I need to see new content.

Permanent Infuse Pro user, love the app, there’s really just this one hole. Thanks.

I would guess that if Infuse tried to update during playback you’d get very undesirable effects on the video like stutters or buffering.

Do you have the background app refresh setting in iOS turned on and set for Infuse to update via WiFi and cellular? That should help.

As an iOS developer I can’t immediately think of any constraints re: iOS, decoding/playback, WebDAV, etc. that would preclude simultaneous playback and metadata fetching/indexing. I’m on an iPhone 11 Pro and can have video playback PiP while jumping between 20 apps that are all fetching/processing data. It’s a computer.

Re: background indexing, it’s simply not supported, and I’m inquiring about it. It would be great to be able to minimise the app and fetching/indexing continue for at least a few minutes, and I’m reasonably confident this is possible.

Many thanks.

Please don’t tell my iphone that. It seems to be working well for me. It’s not a wevDAV share but it does do background refreshing for my local share.

Do you have other apps that are allowed to do the background refresh? If so you may want to try as a test to turn the others off so Infuse is the only one with permission.

Hmm. Definitely not working with me with WebDAV, have tried every which way. If I leave the app I can come back an hour later and it still hasn’t finished/made progress indexing. Would be great to get an official answer on whether this is supposed to work or not. If it is supposed to work, that’s great, but then I think there’s a bug.

Unfortunately from what I’ve been told the developer has no say in how often, how long, and how much data an app will get in regards to background app refresh. Apple doesn’t as far as I know publish any formulas or details on how much time and when an app will get to use the background app refresh.

I’ve seen some things that got updated almost instantaneously and others took a day or so. Maybe @james will be able to chime in on this.