Ios >> Google Drive >> Chromecast Ultra (Stream stops after 30 seconds and the screen goes dark.)

I subscribed to Infuse 6 for a month for testing.
My most common use will be: Ios >> Google Drive >> Chromecast Ultra.
Yesterday (01/24/2020) everything was fine.
Today, after 30 seconds, the stream stops and doesn’t continue.
I tested with several links. And with two different Google accounts.
I tested it with DriveCast (for Google Chrome) with the same links and it worked normally.
I tested it with LocalCast with the same files and it’s ok.
Infuse 6 is not working.
someone with the same problem? Any solution?

Welcome to the forum!

Is this affecting all links, or just a few?

Do local videos work as expected?

Affects some links. Some stop after the first frame, others at the end. This happens only in Infuse.
Local videos work normally.
P.S .: All tested videos are compatible with Chromecast.