iOS Files app integration

I would love to see compatibility with iOS Files app for Infuse. NPlayer introduced this option and its great to use. Any plans for implementation in the near future?


Infuse in iOS 11 Files app integration is a good idea.

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When supports iOS 11 Files app?

I agree. The ability to move files around in iOS Files app would be great! ; )

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soon it is already 1 year ago and no the new features from iOS 11 will be added. In this case iOS 11 Files app support.

but tvos 11 is getting more and more attention. this is toal unfair! the ios users are severely disadvantaged.

I am also in favour of the iOS 11 files app support. VLC for iOS and nPlayer no a problem.

You could do as much as delete external subtitle files faster, drag and drop function etc…

Apple will most likely continue to improve the iOS Files app and add more and more features (probably in iOS 12).

what is the reason not to use this function?

how long have iOS users been waiting for apple to release a stock file manager app?

You really got into the role.

You made an account with a name, avatar, and the agenda, solely for the purpose of “File integration”.

Still, I support the idea! :slight_smile:

Doesn’t the Files app not support streaming? In other words, the entire file needs to be downloaded first, and then it can play. That won’t fly with most files. If I point Infuse to Files, and attempt to stream a remux, for example, my iPhone or Apple TV won’t even have the capacity to store it locally before it can play. Apple TV doesn’t even have Files integration, so there’s also that.

Hi danemacmillan!

You missed the point.

When we mean Files app integration, we mean Files app integration. We don’t talk about any streaming here.
It’s about nice integration with Files app introduced in iOS 11.

It’s about drag and drop manipulation, about easy management and cross-operability within a variety of apps.
Here is a screenshot:

That you can move files around the apps, with iPad gestures, and that you can drag a file downloaded in some browser to the Infuse so that you can play it nicely, etc.

My comment may be a bit chaotic, but in general, compatibility and support for Files app can be used for many different things by different users. There is no one proper workflow.

Ahh, I hear you. That makes sense. Cool.

iOS 12 many improvements and bug fixes for iOS Files app.

iOS 13 new features for iOS Files app.

This is planned.

See under this link “iOS ‘Files’ app support”

This has been added in Infuse 6.0, which will be available later this month. :slight_smile:

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