iOS Double Tap Skip Gesture

It would be nice to be consistent with other video apps on a couple controls:

  1. Double tap to skip ±10s (customizable value)
  2. Pinch to zoom

I also like how Netflix shows cumulative value of skipping as you are doing it.

I love the swipe to change brightness and volume. All other apps need to have this feature!


I only can guess that this doesn’t have more upvotes because most people use the tvOS version.

Please add this feature to the iOS version, it’s a lot faster using the double tap (I never get used to the tap and then left/right gesture)

Yeah 30 sec forward on iOS is too long, let us customise it

Also the pause button is too small, I insist that the player needs a full redesign for iOS, it’s too outdated

Pretty self-explanatory, double tap on the right to skip forward and double tap on the left to skip backward like netflix/youtube/hulu. Preferably the time to skip would be 10 seconds but it would be nice to also be able to change the time skipped in the settings menu.


This is a pretty standard feature on streaming apps and I was surprised that the Infuse mobile app didn’t have this already. Would definitely love to have this feature in future release.

Today’s 7.2 release includes refreshed playback controls on iOS.

We’ve also added double-tap skip gestures to quickly skip forward or back in 10s increments.

To use these, simply double-tap on the left or right side of the screen. You can add a extra tap to get an additional 10s.


  • 2 taps = 10s skip
  • 3 taps = 20s skip
  • 4 taps = 30s skip
  • Etc…

hi i know many people wanted this feature, but can i please get an option to go back to switching aspect ratio with double tap? thank you in advance

No pinch to zoom?

I don’t think so. You should use the button on the interface. It would be a good addition.

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