iOS and Plex: no “On Deck” support?

I’ve an iPhone, an iPad and an Apple TV 4K, all of them connected to the same Plex Media Server running on my NAS.

  • on iPhone/iPad there’s no “On Deck” (the Plex feature that shows the series I’m currently watching). On Apple TV there is. Why?
  • now I had to turn off the iCloud sync due to the issues rised since 25/05, but even before with iCloud sync on, nothing were really “synced“ between those devices (on iPhone/iPad I can’t “see” if I’m watching a show’s season on the ATV) and if I start watching a show on the iPad and finish watching the season on the ATV the iPad still shows the episode next to the one I watched on the iPad, it doesn’t “see” that the season is “over” (remember, all my devices only have the PMS as “source”, so the episodes are correctly marked as “watched”)
  • on iPhone/iPad the metadata are about 2GB, on ATV there’s basically no local data (even if all the settings are the same on all devices)
  • if I look into iCloud, Infuse data are about 2,5Kb… basically the size of a txt file with a bunch of line…

Is all “normal” or I’m missing something?

On Deck is an optional Favorite, and on iOS this will appear under the TV Shows section of the home screen. It will be added automatically when setting up your first Plex share, but for those with existing Plex shares it can be found on the Browse screen (tap search icon in lower nav bar). To add it as a Favorite, simply navigate inside and tap the 3 dots that appear in the top right corner.

More info on adding Favorites can be found here.

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