IOS and IPAD OS - Identify Downloaded items in Library

Hi there! Been a Infuse user for years now and love the app on both IOS and IPAD OS! I did have a suggestion for a feature though or wanted to know if there was a way to identify which items have been downloaded in the Library? At the moment on the main Infuse 7 homescreen your downloaded TV Shows or Films get added to the main carousel at the top but they then just sit beside the same file which has not been downloaded with no way of telling which is the downloded version and which version will stream from the sever.

Is there a way we could add an icon to the thumbnail/artwork to show which file is the downloaded version? Like a down arrow? Or even better would we be able to select ‘prefer downloaded content’ in settings so the default option in the Library is to show and play the downloaded version?

Let me know your thoughts on this as I think it would make the app even better!



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There are a couple of things which may help here.

While browsing the library categories, you can filter between All and Synced content by using the toggle which appears at the top of the screen.

Also, if you have the details page open for a particular video the video’s location will be listed near the bottom (by the filename and movie specs). For streamed content you’ll see something like ‘on My NAS’ and for local content it will say ‘Synced’.

Very helpful James thank you! It still would be nice to have a visual marker in the carousel thumbnail to denote that it is a synced version. Not sure if that suggestion is worth considering but thanks for the feedback, tips and help!