iOS 9 - Airplay Mirroring not working

IOS 9 is crappy incremental update to IOS 8. Instead of working on new features Apple works hard on making previous jailbreaks obsolete. Just downgrade to 8 and don’t bother.

Well that’s your opinion. I find iOS 9 pretty stable and working well. It has some nice new features. Nothing really shocking. Most improvements are under the hood anyway. I need iOS 9 though because WatchOS 2 does have some good improvements but requires iOS 9 to install.

Most AirPlay I do is YouTube anyway (mostly for my kids) and Firecore bringing back the YouTube channel has worked great until now. So that’s a big thanks to Firecore otherwise I would have updated to the latest firmware and say goodbye to the jailbreak. It’s not that important anymore as it once was thanks to easy legal content for a reasonable price (Netflix for me).

I’m sorry man you have your Apple watch and you need IOS 9 for that. I prefere my swiss watch for time keeping. I have heterogenious network with multiple devices running. I rely on mirroring because of XBMC, Kodi, Dreamboxes, RaspberryPI etc. I like Blackbox to mirror 1000’s of satellite channels on my jailbroken ATV2. My XBMC setup in any day better than your Netflix. I can compare Netflix only to Amazon Kindle Unlimited where for 10€/month you can load unlimited amount of junk books. I would rather prefer every 3 month buy a proper 30€ book. I like 100’s of XBMC plugins available on jailbroken ATV. I’m not a big fun of Infuse myself but I’m sure your Apple watch is very important device and I wish you good luck with that. I dunno what are doing on this forum.

This thread is about the AirPlay issues on a jailbroken AppleTV 2 and ATV Flash Black and iOS 9. Please stick to the topic or post your suggestions in a general topic. I don’t want the moderators to lock this topic too. Thank you.

Any chance of on official reply of someone of Firecore? ATV Flash black is still on sale and promising “unchanged original features”. I know this is beyond your fault and Apple changed the AirPlay protocols but you guys can’t keep selling ATV Flash black and promise a fully working AppleTV. Besides, as a lifetime paying customer I would like to know if Firecore is working on a fix. I also submitted a ticket but didn’t get any response. It’s not that hard to give an update that you are either working on it or that this is a helpless case unless the latest firmware can be jailbroken on the AppleTV (which seems very, very unlikely as we would have seen the jailbreak by now).

walterv.0708, James from Firecore provided a response at posts #17 and #20 - go back and have a look and I think you’ll see that there will be no fix for this issue unless a jailbreak for the current version of ATV software can be found.

I saw post 17 but apparently missed 20 which states most info. My fault. Pretty clear they’re not going to solve this anytime soon and probably doesn’t have a lot of priority with the AppleTV 4 around the corner. Still, it bothers me that they’re still selling ATV Flash Black without any warning. But I guess sales are not that spectacular anyway with an AppleTV 2 that is not for sale anyway and most of them are jailbroken anyway (for people interested).

If you only use Infuse on the atv why not just update the atv and buy the infuse app for your ipad or iphone and share the content from your nas/mac to the ipad and then airplay to apple tv?

That’s exactly what I did now. I already had Infuse for iOS. But Infuse native on the ATV was just easy to use. Now I always need an iPhone/iPad to play from a NAS. Kodi was great having but to be honest a lot of channels were broken anyway.

Has anybody updated a Apple TV 2 to the latest firmware 6.2.1 and got Airplay working from iOS 9?

I have looked at Apple’s support that ATV2 is supported up to firmware 6.2.1 and that the 7.1 update only is supported by ATV3.

I updated my ATV2 a 10 days ago (not sure which version was current then) and AirPlay from iOS9 works fine now. Obviously I can no longer watch movies from NAS on ATV2.

OK, Thanks for confirming!
Guess I will do an upgrade then, I use PlexConnect anyways.

Airplay Mirroring doesn’t work with OS X El Capitan either.

2 DirtyDuke - let me double check tonight…

OK, thanks, will wait until you have double checked!

Double checked - AirPlay works fine between iPhone iOS 9.0.1 and ATV2 running 6.2.1 (no JB). Tested with music and with YouTube app. OS X 10.10.5 works fine as well.

Thank you for checking, will update asap :slight_smile:

If i backed up my firmware with “maintenance” tool on the ATV2, will i be able to restore to a previous version if i update it now?

No boy, you should know how to save your SHSH Blobs in case you want come back on your previous version

Airplay issues is nothing to do with Infuse. I can see the boy who picks up on thread and play a boss. Untill you promoted to admin I dont care