iOS 9 - Airplay Mirroring not working


@atcadelt: what makes you think that using inFuse on an iPad and then using AirPlay to an ATV2 running standard firmware does not play from a NAS? The iPad version of inFuse can stream from a NAS. As far as I am concerned ir offers similar functionality to using inFuse directly on the ATV2, it is just that one has to have an iPad or iPhone around to play video streamed from the NAS. One major capability missing from the version of inFuse currently available on the iPad is to play directly from ISO images. This is a feature that has been promised for the iPad version of inFuse but for which I have seen no mention of an ETA. Luckily I do not have much media in that format, but I realise this may not be true for everyone.

I agree that it is not the same as playing using inFuse directly on the ATV2, but on the basis that a jailbreak for the latest ATV2 firmware does not look that likely bearing how long has gone by without one appearing it is worth mentioning practical alternatives.

For playing Audio streamed from my NAS I am currently using the media player built into File Browser app as I like to use a simple folder view. If one is looking for an app that is more music type centric then the best I have found so far is the MusicStreamer app (from the same people who provide the fFile Browser app). I would prefer it if the iPad version of inFuse could also play Audio like the ATV2 version does, but although FireCore have said this is planned I have seen no ETA, and I expect at the moment they are more focussed on getting inFuse running on the ATV4.

For those who use an alternative app on the ATV2 such as Kodi to play media then it is a difficult decision as to whether to stick with a jail broken ATV2 that can run their media player or to give that up and move to standard firmware so that they get AirPlay support back.

It is possible that FireCore may find a way to get an ATV2 to work with iOS9, but I am personally not very hopeful. For me that incompatibility is a deal-breaker that is forcing me to abandon inFuse on the ATV2 which I have been using for many years. inFuse on the iPhone/iPad is the best media player I have found for those devices, and has been steadily getting better.

@itimpi, I didn’t say that you could not stream from a NAS using AirPlay through Infuse on an IOS device, and I agree that this would be a reasonable workaround solution to fix the new IOS 9 to ATV2 (5.2) AirPlay problem. I was merely cautioning you that some might follow your advice to upgrade the ATV software on their jailbroken ATV2 to get AirPlay working, but then would lose the ability to use Infuse natively on the ATV. I presume that many people, like me, would have bought the Firecore product exactly for that purpose, and losing that would be worse than gaining back AirPlay functionality.

OK - Fair enough. My original post was in response to a question that was asking if it could be confirmed that airplay to an ATV2 running standard firmware worked OK. For some reason the ‘quote’ feature of the forum does not seem to work (for me at least) so perhaps that was not clear.

I have decided that the number of issues arising from the fact that the ATV2 has to be jailbroken (thus breaking Airplay from iOS9) to run the FireCore software combined with the fact that there is no jailbreak for the latest firmware means I am likely to abandon using the FireCore software on the ATV2 as my main media playing solution. I am therefore looking for ways to achieve equivalent functionality with the hardware/software that I already have. My personal view is that this IOS9 incompatibility is unlikely to get resolved and is likely to spell the end of the ATV2 + ATV Flash (Black) as a viable solution for going forward for many people. I will keep the ATV2 around running FireCore software for the short term as it now has little resale value but would not think of replacing it with another ATV2 if it failed. I might revisit this decision if the iOS9 airplay issue is resolved but I do not think that is likely.

When the ATV4 is available then if infuse is also available on that via the app store then I expect that will become my long term solution and I will abandon the ATV2 as my main media playing solution. While I have no explicit insider knowledge, I am assuming that FireCore also see this as their future as it means they no longer have any reliance on jailbroken hardware. As such it would be the area that the majority of their efforts are concentrated and infuse on that device is likely to become a major revenue stream for them.

ATV2 still commands a premium on eBay (at least in Australia where I am), although not in the hundreds of dollars as they once did, so perhaps they haven’t heard about the IOS 9 AirPlay issue, or perhaps there is still demand to be able to stream directly from a NAS. Trouble is the ATV2 as a device is getting long in the tooth (720p is vey low now), so even if this AirPlay issue doesn’t kill the excellent ATV Flash implementation, the ATV4 with Infuse (or similar) in the accompanying App Store is probably going to kill it for everyone except hardcore hobbyist and tinkerers anyway. Sell your ATV2 now while you can still get your money back. If Firecore can get their implementation of Infuse on the ATV4 working I have no doubt they will have a viable future. Trouble is there will be more competition in a non-jailbroken world, with Apple letting everyone have a shot at legitimately developing for tvOS, although Firecore should have a clear advantage having played around the inside of ATVs for years.

BTW, the quote function here doesn’t work for me either.

I know this is’nt possible, but it would be awesome if you could run double versions of the firmware, if it was possible to choose version at reboot :slight_smile:

Well, guess I have to put my arsenal of jailbreaked ATV 2’s out for sale to the ones who don’t care much for Airplay and buy me a couple of the new ATV’s since I really need Airplay to work.

Thanks for all the answers!


To be honest, you really need to stop selling infuse for AppleTV 2. You guys made a lot of money out of it and rightly so. But you can’t sell the AppleTV 2 black edition anymore now it’s severely crippled. It won’t be much of an issue as the AppleTV 4 is around the corner and I’m sure you guys will have great opportunities in the official AppStore.

I had IOS9 for couple off months in developers mode and AirPlay mirroring stopped working for me with ATV2s. I have Apple AirportExtreme router. I reported it to Apple via feedback and they seems don’t care. I downgraded to IOS 8 and it works perfectly again.IOS9 is crap, just downgrade to IOS8 while Aplle still signing it.

I ask my self why atv flash black is still on sale without any mention about this issue

Because you should ask Apple, not firecore. Or downgrade to IOS8

shall I ask Apple why Firecore didn’t mention about airplay issue with ios 9 while selling its product. Instead it promises that “The normal Apple TV features will remain intact and unchanged”.

Exactly. Firecore needs to stop selling ATV Flash Black or at least mention that on iOS 9 AirPlay won’t work with a jail broken AppleTV 2. They can’t keep selling this and say all other features work as intended because it’s truly crippled now. Yeah sure we can blame Apple but they really don’t care about jailbroken stuff for which you can’t really blame them. It’s a wonder ATV Flash Black was around for so long. But this seems to be the nail in the coffin.

Re:"shall I ask Apple why Firecore didn’t mention about airplay issue with ios 9 while selling its product. Instead it promises that “The normal Apple TV features will remain intact and unchanged”.
Firecore is right saying “The normal Apple TV features will remain intact and unchanged”. It’s not firecore fault that Apple messing up their updates. Every single app in IOS 9 has no mirroring to ATV2 thanks to Apple. For the same very reason XBMC (KODI) completely abandoned Apple devices now.
If you want mirroring back wait Apple to something about or downgrade to IOS8 while it’s still signing it. And hurry up the clock it ticking, they might stop signing from today.

aiplay mirroring from ios 9 doesn’t work ONLY with jailbroken apple tv. Airplay is one of the normal features. Ios 9 beta was available for anyone since months. So firecore knew about this. No mention. No info. No one who bought atv flash had any idea about this issue. At the very least now Firecore have to mention “The normal Apple TV features will remain intact and unchanged except for airplay”. But I know why they do this way. The answer is apple tv 4 and the chance to sell its app once again

IOS 9 Airplay mirroring doesn’t work with non jailbroken fully updated ATV2s either. Why don’t you go and hassle Apple about it?

I hate to admit it but I agree with Dirty Duke for the most part. Why didn’t Firecore warn us about this if issue that they could see coming from miles away. It’s no use blaming Apple as they can change the AirPlay protocol as they seem fit. All latest releases of all firmware work with AppleTV, second and third edition included. So for all iOS users using all the latest firmware there is no issue. In that way Apple isn’t doing anything wrong. That all jailbroken devices can’t use AirPlay doesn’t interest them as they do not support or encourage jailbreaks in the first place. Firecore can’t help this too. As long as the latest firmwares can’t be jailbroken we’re stuck with either no AirPlay or no jailbreak. I’m prett amazed though that no one was able to jailbreak the latest firmwares on AppleTV and the AppleTV 3 as all the latest and newest devices can be jailbroken. Even iOS 9 has already been cracked. But no one seems smart or interested enough to jailbreak the latest AppleTV’s and firmware.

Sure I bet there will be another infuse for the AppleTV 4 but that would be the fourth time I buy infuse from Firecore. I love the things these guys do but being silent about this issue and still selling ATV flash black and probably buying Infuse yet again gives me a bit of a bad taste in my mouth.

in my case ios 9 works well with unjailbroken apple tv, for me no reason to blame apple

ATV exist solely because of products like XBMC or fusion. XMBC abandoned Apple already and if firecore follows your ATVs are dead in the water. A new ATV promised API to allow developers create apps without hacking it. Will wait and see. I’m not planning to buy another shitty apple product. I have raspberry pi running KODI, PLEX and airplay mirroring and it much better than any ATV.
Also Fusion works well on standalone jailbroken ATV as promised why are you people complaining? MIRRORING IS NOT FIRECORE FEATURE BUT APPLEs. The claim that firecore is responsible for implementing mirroring is rediculous! You should call Apple about it not firecore.

No one ever said that Firecore is responsible for AirPlay mirroring. The only thing people say is that as of now, a jailbroken AppleTV is severely crippled because it isn’t able to provide AirPlay. People are only saying that Firecore should stop selling ATV Flash Black or at least put a big red warning on their buy page that AppleTV 2 will not work as intended when jailbroken. That’s all. People are not angry at Firecore as they can’t do anything at the moment. Although some clear communication would help.