iOS 9 - Airplay Mirroring not working

Airplay Mirroring is not working since I upgraded to iOS 9, I cant stream movies from infuse to my jailbroken ATV 2 using the latest jailbreak.

Any ideas?

Same here. iOS 9 is NOT compatible with a jail broken AppleTV 2. Apple changed their AirPlay protocol and will only work with the latest AppleTV software which is 6.2. Which is problematic as there is no jailbreak for that version. So either you are out of AirPlay or you lose your jailbreak. Unless firecore can fix this within the jailbreak which isn’t very likely. Bummer with iOS 9.

I was wondering if there was any news about iOS 9 being unable to AirPlay to jailbroken Apple TV2. Does anyone know if firecore knows about the problem? Thanks for the responses in advance.

I submitted a problem to their support people. No response yet (but only submitted it today so a little patience). I can’t imagine that they’re not aware of it as I assume they are testing iOS 9 too (at least for infuse for iOS).

Same here… All iOS9 devices can no longer stream to JB ATV2 :frowning:

Ditto re IOS 9 AirPlay being sound only. However, the ATV2 is getting a bit long in the tooth though, so I hope Firecore can port Infuse to the mew ATV4, because I really would like a the new ATV interface and access to my own content from my NAS. The AirPlay glitch is just a pain due to the timing.

Does anybody know if airplay works on ATV 2 or ATV 3 with the latest firmware?

Yes, what I have read AirPlay does work with latest firmware. For sure on AppleTV 3 and most likely also on AppleTV 2. But no guarantees and you will lose your jailbreak. Don’t blame me if you can’t revert to a firmware that you can jailbreak and lose it forever.

A reply by someone from Firecore would be truly appreciated.

Appreciate the responses Walter. I agree that a response from Firecore would be awesome so I know what steps I should take next(i.e. Unjailbreak or possibly buy another unit). Thanks in advance.

Pleas Firecore fit it this Apple Shit… Pleas Pleas pleas

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it can not be that it there is no solution!

there is talk of even in a network the El Capitan OSX
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is there some truth to the story?

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read hear the links

I have reset my ATV2 to the latest firmware and I can now AirPlay to it from inFuse running on my iPad.

Can we merge the iOS 9 AirPlay threads? I feel that some info gets lost between those posts. Yes updating the ATV2 firmware to latest and non jailbroken state will fix the issues. iOS 9 has new method/encryption for air playing which won’t allow you to play back video to a jailbroken ATV. The only way to fix it is by either not updating to iOS 9 on your mobile devices, or to lose your jailbreak and update your ATV2 to the latest iOS for that generation.

…but of course itimpi in your new configuration you can now no longer play media directly from a NAS. As a moderator could you please be a little more comprehensive in your posts lest you give people the wrong impression. If they follow your path they will lose some of the most important functionality of the Firecore software.

Currently, AirPlaying from iOS 9 or OS X 10.11 requires Apple TV 6.2.1 or later.

There’s no way around this at the moment, unfortunately.

You might want to mention this thread when you close others

Thanks for the response James. Presuming this will never be fixed unless a jailbreak can be created for the latest version of ATV software (which has been difficult so far), our best hope is Infuse being available in the ATV4 App Store. Can you let us know how development of that is progressing and whether Firecore anticipates any resistance from Apple to an app that allows access to users own libraries on their NAS. I’m guessing there’s should be little concern since Infuse works on other IOS devices. It would seem this is the best future solution that allows both Aiplay streaming and streaming from NAS devices for versions of IOS going forward.

Pretty much, yes. An untether for the newer 6.2.1 Apple TV software has not been forthcoming, though that could change with the iOS 9 jailbreak, which presumably will be available at some point.

With regard to the new Apple TV, we’re working hard to port the Infuse playback core to tvOS, and will be posting progress updates on our blog as things move along. We were fortunate enough to receive an Apple TV dev kit which should keep things moving. We don’t anticipate any trouble getting approval from Apple.