Ios 8

After updating to ios 8 I can no longer connect to infuse app through my pc? It just shows a blank page on my PC? This has always worked very well for me but doesn’t work anymore, so I cannot any longer transfer files from my PC to the Infuse app on my iPad? Suggestions to what I can do?

Same issue for me on Mac.

Blank page on Safari 7.1,

iMac Mavericks 10.9.5

Silly question but have you tried deleting the iOS app and then reinstalling since you upgraded to iOS 8?

Of course.

The same here. Firefox loads the page ( in my case, but remains blank. Please fix asap :slight_smile:

I can get access using transmit and connecting via FTP, but the browser access is still failing.

Fix coming in the big iOS 8 update, which is right around the corner. :slight_smile:

Great news! I hope it comes real soon!