IOS 6 for Apple TV 2

Does anyone know if Apple TV 2 is getting the new IOS 6 today?  Didn’t know if it was a different release day for us or not.  

iOS 6.x: third major OS release on Apple TV

iOS 6 is currently still in beta. There have been no significant updates announced as of yet, however on June 26, 2012, Apple released a beta version which included the ability to rearrange icons on the home screen.[102]Rumours have suggested the change signals Apple may add the ability to add apps to the TV from an Apple TV App Store when released.[103]

[hide]Table of versions: iOS 6.x – Apple TV (2nd generation) onwards
iOS version Apple TV Software Build Release date Features


6.0 (Beta 4) 10A5376e (Beta 4) August 6, 2012 (Beta 4) (Build 10A5376e) 

September 19, 2012[citation needed]

  • Coincides with iOS 6 for portable iOS devices.
  • Adds the ab

It’s not been released as of yet, but you can track the latest version of iOS for various devices here.

Nicely said James!  Then could you please give all us the status of a jail-broken Apple TV3.

Patiently awaiting. Thanks in advance.

THX Larry