iOS 4.4.2 jailbreaking

hi i was wondering if someone can tell me if i can get a untethered jailbreak with 4.4.2.  i just bought it and i have a shsh blob for 4.4.4 saved from another atv which i kno wont work. if i hook up the season pass will it update the jailbreak or tether it for 4.4.2   sorry for the stupid ?


As youve mentioned, 4.4.2 is tethered. Furthermore, you cant use a saved shsh blob from a particular unit and use it to another. Apple is still signing thr 5.3 tethered, you might want to consider it.

thank u for the response  so will the 5.3 go on it thru season pass or do i have to update in itunes


proceed with the jb 5.3

cool thanks a lot   im gonna hook my seasonpass now and click on the 5.3