iOS 3rd party Email Client Support

I’d like to report support codes but without 3rd party email client support I only get this pop ups window. I’ve been told by other developers that it’s an easy fix. An alternative solution could be to display the support code and copy it to the clipboard.

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You should ask in the beta forum how to report support codes

So you don’t use a mail client at all?

Yes of course I use email clients but not the Apple Mail client and with iOS 14 Apple allowed 3rd party clients to be set as the system default but for some reason app developers need to implement the support for it otherwise it will give the error you see in my screenshot.

I asked there and even tagged James but nobody responded as you can see here

Okay I knew iOS 14 supported that but figured it was automatic

I don’t know the technical side of this but on the surface it does make me wonder how convenient this is for Apple sinceI have seen this friction point keeping people from switching email clients or at least keeping Apple Mail alongside a third-party client.

Support for 3rd party email clients is available in today’s 7.6.5 update. :slight_smile:

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