iOS 16 no PiP & Playback Freeze Frame Issues

Hi there, I am having issues with iOS 16 & Infuse Pro 7.4.5. (it was the same on 7.4.4.):

  • PiP doesn’t work anymore but audio keeps playing fine in background.

  • When I go back into the app from it playing the audio only, the video is sort of stuck in freeze frame until it catches back up to the audio and after a few seconds it plays normally again. This doesn’t happen with all file types: 720p H.264 / MPEG-4 part 10 AAC 2.0 is a problem but 540p H.264 MPEG-4 part 2 MP3 2.0 is fine for example. 480p HEVC AAC 2.0 also has the same issue.

Thanks a lot for looking into this!

Are you able to send in a sample file you are seeing issues with?

Also, which device is this happening on?

Sorry, James, I won’t be able to do that for a while where I am.

The PiP doesn’t work with any kind of file though.

Thanks for replying so quickly!!

I’m using an iPhone SE (2022)…

Hello, i have same issue with PiP mode. It’s work only couple seconds and after this time stop. iPadOS 16.1 beta 8 (iPad Pro M1)

And what version number of Infuse?

Infuse 6.7 Pro

Just checked and on 7.4.5 it’s same problem

For anyone seeing this, if you are able to send in a diagnostic report (and post the code here) we would love to look into this. Thanks!

Let me know if You need more logs