iOS 15 & iPadOS 15 stopping when streaming

Both iOS 15 & iPadOS 15 are stopping during streaming if they even start. Updating the local metadata is also very slow. Streaming worked great before the update on both devices using iOS 14. Streaming from a iMac using shared folders.
Local files work fine.

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Same issue here

This started to happen with me before the update. In the middle of movies, it always stops. I have to fully close the Infuse app on Apple TV from the tasks carrossel and restart it to get back to normal and finish watching.

At this point there is nothing I can do to get this to work. Killing the app doesn’t fix the issue nor does restarting the iPhone/iPad and I even tried deleting the share on the Mac and recreating it as well as rebooting it. Nothing. Kinda pissed off at the whole situation. I guess that’ll teach me to upgrade my devices. Hopefully someone at firecore will see this and respond with a fix…

Sorry you’re having problems, I’d suggest that if you can, after it fails to play a video you go to settings and submit a diagnostics log and post the 5 digit code here. That way they’ll have that info to see if they can help.

I sent this diagnostics yesterday after many crashes in a row. I also emailed it to them, no reply yet.

Diagnostics: E9SBQ

What model devices are you seeing this on?

iPhone 12, etc or ATV 4 or 4K iPad pro, air, year model?

Apple tv 4k (first gen).

iPhone 11 and iPad 6th gen

One code when video froze and eventually dropped back to the menu

Another code when video would never start

Both from iPhone

Another code from when video was playing fine then scrubbed forward then watched some more than scrubbed backwards then video froze
Diagnostics: WCHBF