[ios 14 iInfuse 6] Tv Episode showing all the same artwork


I have a little issue I haven’t been able to understand yet.
Let’s say a tv show, like the simpsons and season 01 have all the same artwork on all the pisode. Everything is correct, the descrition the name etc
But it’s always the same picture.

It is weird because on my old iphone reunnin infuse 4, i dont have that. I get a different picture for each episodes. I found it way easyer to navigate and to now wich one is one.

Is it a specific issue to infuse 6?
I tryed turning on and off metada, putting the phone on landscape etc…

If anyone has any idea if i can change that or its just how it is now?

The current version of Infuse will display the series/season fan art on the details page.

We’re working to update this for Infuse 7 to include episode-specific artwork.

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