iOS 13 public beta: not playing full screen through HDMI adapters

iOS 13 public beta: won’t play without black bars And not full screen. Tried tv settings and multiple TVs and adaptors. Crave app plays content full screen fine.

I tested on an iOS 12 device and it played fine.

First photo is iOS 13, second is iOS 12.

I tried an iPad Pro with iPad OS 13, and iPhone 8 Plus with iOS 13, and an iPhone 5S with iOS 12.

Firecore has plans for iOS 13 compatibility but there out a ways since it’s not released yet. You can see that they have “Updates for iOS/tvOS 13” listed on the upcoming features page here Upcoming Features (updated 5/12/20)

Issues like you’re seeing may even be corrected in one of the iOS beta releases before Firecore has to do anything.

Just doing a duty and pointing out the issue, regardless.

Thanks for the report!

We’ll be looking into this.

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Update: not sure if useful info, but VLC does the same thing

We believe this should be resolved in today’s 6.1.5 update. :slight_smile:

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Confirmed fixed. Thanks, good work!

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