Ios 12. IPhone 8, lost Chromecast option

Can anybody else check if they are still able to cast to chrome cast… I have tried playing different tv shows and movies with the latest version of infuse… none of them shows the option to cast to chrome cast… on my iPad it shows up, but not on my iPhone anymore…

The casting works fine on every other app. Like Plex hbo etc…

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I can confirm that updating the infuse app to the latest on my iPad Pro…removes/breaks the chromecast option…

So apparently infuse have made some mistake in the latest version. As per my earlier post chromecast worked on my iPad…(it was on a later version) now I updated the app on my iPad and the cast option is gone… just like on my iPhone…

Sorry for the trouble.

This is an issue we’re working to resolve, and plan to have an update available within the next day or two.

Thanks for your patience.

no worries :slight_smile:

I have the same issue and was prompt replied to my by the support it was a bug.

This issue has been resolved in today’s 5.8.6 update.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding. :slight_smile:

I’m still unable to cast. Infuse Pro 5 v 5.8.6 ios 12.1 firmware chromecast update.

Casting is ok with v 5.9
Thank you!

Great! :smiley:

With this last update this week all of the series I tried to cast got bumpy, they paused out of the nowhere and then resumed playing, sometimes the subtitles ran off and i got my phone and the app wasn´t casting, it was just stuck in the episode description/sinopse.

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