iOS 11 iPad - Error loading video content

Hi, just downloaded your app, because VLC player didn’t even found the files I uploaded.

The thing is, even when I can finally find them in your library in the app, I am getting this error message about loading. I have 5 films all .avi and only 2 are working. Is this thing related to iOS11? Have they added some security lock for some movies or something? I watched one movie on the older iOS 10 without problems, after I moved the same file on iOS 11, nope.

This may be related to a bug with the current version of iTunes and newer (10.3+) versions of iOS that is affecting some filenames, particularly those with some non-english characters.

The way around this for now is to upload the videos using the browser method instead of using iTunes. More info on this can be found here. Browser/Wi-Fi Upload – Firecore

Gonna try when I am at home thanks.