iOS 11 and imported subtitle

Hi, I use Infuse 4 and I have problem with the imported subtitle in iOS 11. They didn’t show up even if when I import the .srt file, a popup appear giving me the confirmation that they were imported but then when I go to the list, they do not appear.

Why it happens?

Can you try updating to Infuse 5 to see if this same issue appears?

Infuse 5 is optimized for iOS 11, and is the best option for the latest versions of iOS/tvOS.

I never bought Infuse 5 because I had bought the Pro 4 few days before it came out the 5, so I did not want to spend double lol btw now I try the free version. Is it possibile to have the same update for the 4?

Infuse 5 has received a number of solid updates over the past year, and full details on these can be found here.

Infuse 4 was updated for iOS 10 last year before it was removed from the store, but unfortunately it will not be receiving any future updates.

Ok and Infuse 6 when it will release? Just for not buying the 5 and then see the update at 6.

Go the subscription route and major version changes are still covered in your subscription.

What do you mean? I have pro version of the app, it’s not a subscription.

Pro is available as both an annual subscription and a one-time paid app. Both include the same features, but the subscription will cover future udpates like v6, v7, etc…

More info here.

Ok I just update to 5.5.4 and still don’t working. When I import the subtitle a popup appear confirming me with success but they didn’t show up in the tab of subtitle, only the subs that are downloadable from Opensubtitles.

What type of subtitles? SRT, or something else?

Are these file stored locally in Infuse, or being streamed from a network source? If stored locally, how were they transferred?

They are normal SRT unzipped from a zip downloaded online.

I’ve the same problem with infuse 4 and 5 pro.
When i insert a .srt file from ‘inbox’ or ‘dropbox’ app it’s work but when i copy them from ‘Files’ or ‘Documents’ app it doesn’t work.
Very strange, because it’s the same file, maybee ‘Files’ and ‘Documents’ change the rights.

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Did you try importing subtitle in a video player on your computer? Maybe there’s an issue with the subtitle file