iOS 10 iCloud Sync

Hey everybody,

I’m a bit confused.
Maybe one of you Pros can help me.

I couldn’t find any post treating this.

In the iCloud sync desriptions following is mentioned:
“File specific playback settings (selected audio/subtitle track, zoom setting, etc…)”

  1. Does that mean that when I’m going to mark a movie as “watched” on my iPhone,
    the same movie will be marked as watched on my ATV?


  1. Am I able to start watching a movie on my ATV and to continue watching
    on my iPhone?

Implied that my devices are set up with the same Apple ID.

I’m grateful for any advice.

  • remo

Watched progress is handled via trakt, so provided both devices are logged into the same trakt account you can mark a movie watched on one device and it will appear as watched on the other device. Also if you stop watching on one device the position reached is recorded on trackt so you can resume on the other device from the same point.