Iomega mini-max and playback

I bought my first Apple TV last month and ATVflashed it the next day. I’ve spent the last few weeks regularly adding my DVD collection to the internal drive. Unfortunately now I’m getting low on storage space and would like to add an external drive. I’ve read through a few of the posts here and it sounds like there can be some latency issues ( slow to boot, erratic playback ) with the external USB drives. Doesn’t sound like a good experience to base a purchase on and the wrong choice gets me in hot water with my technologically challenged partner… Originally, I was headed towards the Iomega mini-max but would like to hear from someone with previous experience before putting down the bucks and having it shipped out here.

Another thought was to void my warranty and install a larger internal drive. Unfortunately, my computer base here is Windows so reformatting the drive and file swapping isn’t a likely option.

If you watch your movies using XBMC, you can connect the USB drive to your windows box and setup an SMB share and stream all your content.

Networking is a good option if the USB doesn’t perform well… But I’d like to get my PC out of the movie player business. A standalone network drive might be a better path if the ATV can talk directly.

Most NASes out there support SMB, so it should not be a problem.