Internet Radio

Is there any plans to add a feature to access internet radio.



What is wrong with the standard Apple provided facility in this area (under the Internet menu)? I use it a lot.

is there a way to add my own stations ?



AppleTV’s standard internet radio application doesn’t allow to add custom URL’s. I hope that MediaPlayer will support internet radio in near future. The first stopgap could be support for MP3 streams in pls-files…



nope, so +1


Is there a plan to add this feature?

I would also like to see my own stations integrated. (German / European) Station.

The actual feature are very focused on the us market.

It would be perfect to have a button for the favorite station on the home menue

or ar least in the media player. Not everybody likes the apple preselected stations.



I think a tunein plugin would be a nice add, like plugin.