Internet Radio Favorites Error


I have ATV Flash 4.02 and ATV 3.01.

iTunes syncs with an external HDD

I can set Internet Radio stations as favorites. However, when I click on a favorite, I get an error message and the instruction to press play/pause to restart the ATV.

Any ideas? Or is this just something that needs to be addressed in a later release of ATV flash?

I have the same issue. Haven’t been able to find any reason for it, yet.


I will pass this along to see if the issue can be replicated here.

It appears to be related to a conflict with the ATVFiles application. This issue should be resolved soon, but in the meantime a simple workaround would be to remove ATVFiles by following the steps below.

  1. Navigate to Maintenance > Manage Plugins menu
  2. Highlight ATVFiles entry
  3. Press the right arrow (>>) to remove ATVFiles
  4. You will be prompted to confirm the removal and restart the AppleTV.

ATVFiles is very important to me, so I cannot turn it off as a workaround. Currently, I can have NO favorites for internet radio and hence must go to a station manually each time.

So I am also waiting for a fix to this problem, when it arrives… Thanks!

This is still a problem in 4.0.4

Any sign of a fix yet?

Thanks for checking and posting the information about the v4.04 update. I am also waiting for a fix of this problem; and turning off ATVFiles is not an option for me…

have the same problem…

The 4.05 maintenance update does not fix this error.

This does not surprise me, as guardianmax indicated it is a conflict with ATVFiles, and the new maintenance update does not come with an ATVFiles update…

The 4.1 Update (which is billed as: Full AppleTV 3.0.2 Compatibility; Upgrade to the latest AppleTV software without having to sacrifice any features. All apps are now compatible with the latest AppleTV version) still has this problem…

The 4.1.1 Update, which includes an update to ATVFiles, still does not fix this problem :frowning:

any idea when this is gonna get fix?

I am still waiting for a fix, too.

Internet radio is a big feature for me…