Internet outage and local Plex

On AppleTV. Ive got local subnet in the plex server to not require auth.
Official Plex app works, but with how broken it is, no atmos, no hdr10+, audio sync, etc etc. Its why I have infuse.

Infuse still has media listed, but when I select and play, just spins and spins :frowning:

Internet is not working today so was using my plex server through local network connection. Plex app is working fine but in Infuse app (direct mode), home screen is missing a lot of pins in Home screen. Sometimes it will randomly show just the continue watching and plex server as favorite. Search is also not working properly. It will eventually give you a β€œAn error occured. Sorry, Infuse encountered an error while trying to connect.” while typing. Playing an item seems to be working as long as you can find it before getting an error searching.

Since my atv is offline, can’t send diagnostic.