Internet connected NAS Drive

Hi all,

I have an Internet connected NAS drive (GoFlex Home).

I have this working very well and can access all my video files when away from home through the GoFlex Home app on my iPhone/iPad. I take my jailbroken ATV2 with me when away from home and am able to use the GoFlex app to play my video files from home, then stream them through AirPlay to my ATV2.

This got me thinking though. Is there a way to add my NAS drive from home as a source on my ATV2 so that I can play my video files directly from my NAS drive at home and free up my iPad/iPhone?

Any help in this would be great.



Yes, you can do this. I actually have the GoFlex Home drive and have been doing this for a year. However, what brings me to this forum today (first post!), is that the Media Player no longer works to do this. For some reason, I can’t add the SMB share anymore… there must be a way, and I will keep looking. I just wanted to let you know that it is possible, WAS easy and was very slick…

Hi All

I’ve just come across this brilliant App for my Iphone and ipad (IO8), and had this working fine when at home with my NAS drive (GoFlex Home). However upon trying to connect to my home Nas Drive when at the office, I keep getting an error-

‘An error occurred- Sorry, Infuse encountered an error while trying to connect’

Not sure if this has any bearing on the matter, but In both instances my home pc which is connected to the Nas Drive was switched OFF.

I really want to purchase the Pro version of this app, but before I do so, I really need some feedback on whether this is an issue with Infuse or something I am doing wrong at my end.

I do hope someone can help out very soon.

Thanks in anticipation.

PS. I too can access all my video files when away from home through the GoFlex Home app on my iPhone/iPad, although the goflex app doesn’t stream videos, hence why i really want to use Infuse Pro.