Internet Browser - need better memory management and an AD-blocker

If you are taking suggestions for ways to improve the FireCore experience, I request you fix the web browser so that it doesn’t fail due to low memory and add an AD Blocker (like GlimmerBlocker if possible) so that ADs don’t contribute to the browser memory challenges.


Thanks for a great product by the way - eep up the great work FireCore!



Good point as btw sometimes it isn’t possible to close the ads => no possibility to view the main page.


Can you provide a link to a site that exhibits the ad popup issue?

@ James

I have had problems in the past with a Netflix pop up window on this page:  I must have local radar on my ATV!  :) Local radar would be a great addition to the weather plugin.   

i had problems not being able to close pop-ups.  however, i’m new to apple tv and aTV.  i couldn’t find a setting for blocking them, and it only allows me to go back, which puts me back to the original page, which then shoots a pop-up while loading.