Internal Error #7 Subtitles Problem


I’ve an error since 1 hour, like “an internal error #7 occured. choose an alternate subtitle package” when i try to download subtitle.

any thoughts?

Could be an issue with opensubtitles since they’ve been having issues with their site.

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Open Subtitles website is working correclty. When I manually download a subtitle and copy it inside the movie folder it works.
Seems to be a problem with the INFUSE - OPENSUBTITLES interface…
I have the same problem since 2 hours ago, and before everything was working normaly.
Tried do reboot Apple Tv, restart Infuse, reinstall Infuse, restart network… problem still on…
Any clues?

The website and the site the API uses to find and d/l the subs are two different animals. You can see that the API site is (and has been) having issues here

Still same problem here despite statistics showing that opensubtitles api should be up and running again

Same error still, I really hope this gets better in Infuse 6 it’s super frustrating lately with the subtitle problems.

It seems something may have changed over at OpenSubtitles in the last 24hrs, and we’re looking into a fix.

A fix for this has been pushed out (server side, no app updated needed).

Can you try downloading subs to see if things are now working as expected?

Looks like everything is working like a charm again! Thanks!!! ??

Awesome! :smiley:

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Hi James, not working at all! Still showing same error #7 message…! Really frustrating as this is a +++ function on this app!
I tried on several ios devices, i confirm not working…

It’s a server side fix, so it’s possible it may take a bit of time to propagate to all regions.

You may also try restarting your device, as sometimes this can help.

I confirm not working yet here in France. Will try again later andnhope it’s been propagated

If you’re still having trouble and are able to PM me the IP address you are connecting from it may help pinpoint any remaining issues.

I am having the same issue, situated in the United Kingdom.

Seems to be working and stable! Hope it will keep on like this!
Thank you for fast reply and efficiency ???
PS: I’m in France

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