Internal error #7 is back


I have had trouble with opensubtitles the last week or so. Normally it’s that the site is down, but today it’s internal error no. 7.

What can I do? In another solved post it was a server side error. Could you look into it?


Have the same problem now. Located in Denmark.

For the record, I’m in Denmark as well.

experiencing same issue. I’m from the Philippines.

Is anyone using a VPN? Just gathering info that may help figure this out.

I’m not using VPN.

Not using a vpn either.

Another question. What version of infuse?

Newest Apple TV version for 6 pro

6.2.5 or 6.2.6? 6.2.6 just released in the last day after you started this thread.

Sorry, my mistake 5 pro. 5.9.6

I’m pretty sure that Infuse version 5.X uses the legacy opensubtitles API and version 6.X changed over to use the new one. You can see the difference in up time on the status page linked at the bottom of most pages My guess is that the legacy version is going away and can’t be supported due to the servers being down. You may want to think about upgrading to V6. There are tons of improvements and well worth it…