Intermittent sound

Have been running aTV 1.0 for the past month without any problems. It’s great.

Tonight I updated to aTV 1.1, restarted Apple TV and now all audio, regardless of media, mutes for a second then quickly fades back in again. This happens approximately every 30 seconds.

Does anyone else have the same problem?


I don’t have that problem, but some sources and some content doesn’t play audio.  I first noticed it on Netflix,. then over the weekend I rented a movie from Itunes store via ATV2 and there was no audio.  On top of that when I stopped the movie to check settings on the ATV2 the movie flat disappeared from the ATV2.  It is not where to be found.


Anyone else having similar  issues.


I have the exact same problem. I’ve tried different movie files and even different cabling to take that out of the equation. The amp I’m using doesn’t log any phyical drop in signal so it’s not a physical track issue. Can anyone help it’s so frustrating watching a film where words drop and as a result the movie loses its momentum