Intergration of Plex Continue Watching into Infuse CW row

Plex has intergrated ‘On Deck’ and ‘Continue Watching’ into one row. What do users think about intergrating this row into infuses’ own CW row? Currently they still act like legacy Plex, with on deck and CW seperate. Seems to be dividing opinions in Plex Forums.

I connect Infuse to Plex, mainly for the metadata handling and the ability to have multiple libraries and custom collections. The on deck option worked perfectly for me as i was able to see what series I was busy with. Now that it changed, the CW gets cluttered. Mainly because movies are now added and my kids never watch a movie to the end :crazy_face:. It is for that reason that i had to disable the CW option in Infuse otherwise i end up scrolling just to get to what i want to continue watching. I did “suggest” multiple CW rows, one for TV, one for movies. And of course a multiple user option, each with their own library would work too…

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