Ok, don’t get me wrong here. I love this app and will be transitioning from Kodi onto this. Love it.

However, I would love a few tweaks

If you look at the current interface, when you select a movie, you get details of the film along with a long list of all your other films at the bottom. I would ask how useful the bottom listing of all your movies actuall is? I have over 700 films and navigating this way is very time consuming?

Suggestion, could this just be a list of similar associated movies to the selected one? Or could it include other interface such as the cast, or file specs, size, codec, audio etc in a similar way to the apple movies app which when you scroll down shows cast and other facts on the selected movie?

As I said, still love this app and look forward to the next release.

Agreed, that format works great for episodes but not really for movies.

Nice observation - I totally agree. Makes much more sense to browse through episodes than movies in that list…

Good idear.
Library options are coming with Version 4.2 afaik. So i hope suggestions like yours will be quite easy to integrate.

Thanks for the feedback.

We’ll be looking to fine tune this a bit, once we have library view implemented in 4.2.

I see the recently played option in settings, but haven’t found where that list is located. I could care less about recently played, but since I have over 3500 movies, a recently added list would be very helpful, instead of trying to what was just added.