interesting issues...

1-In boxee, my time is off by 4 hours…but I dont see where to configure the time.

2-when i browse my movies, the count is 748 but when I go to my local movies library, theres only like 620, but when I go to “unresolved movies” theres “no results” (all off my ext.hd)

3-also my nito dvd crashes when i hit rewind all the time! and this is all using latest 3.62

ok…found how to change time zone - NitoDVD! …found how to manually add or recognize movies from browse view, even tho they didnt show up in unresolved videos. I also figured out why I have so many problems in Boxee and XBMC was flawless…XBMC scrappers were set to read “folder names”…Boxee seems to be reading “filenames” which is causing chaos and dont see an option to change as boxee doesnt seem as in depth as xbmc! whew!!